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Send hypertargeted emails to specific group of users
based on behavior, demographic, purchase history, and more.

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Tropical grabs all your important data from the apps you use daily

Mailchimp Integration
Freshbooks Integration
HubSpot Integration
Salesforce Integration
Intercom Integration
Shopify Integration
Unbounce Integration
GoToWebinar Integration
Campaign Monitor Integration
Campaign Monitor
Pipedrive Integration
Help Scout Integration
Help Scout
Marketo Integration
Magento Integration
Zendesk Integration
Highrise Integration
Olark Integration

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Three things Tropical is awesome at

Create a unique customer profile

Creating a consolidated timeline of actions and interactions found in apps you use daily

Capture and consolidate customer data from disparate and disconnected apps (your sales, helpdesk and marketing) into a unique customer profile - all in one place. Empower your entire team with every lead's big picture in order to personalize interactions and increase customer success.

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Breaking down your chaotic contact list into smaller hypertargeted groups

Target the right leads & customers to send remarkable emails, trigger marketing automation campaigns, monitor a segmentation, personalize content, and more. Create customer segmentation on the fly using behavior, demographic, engagement, purchase history, sales cycle and personas.

Customer Segmentation made simple
Personalized emails at the perfect time

Sending personalized emails, at the perfect time, to the right people

Increase conversions, customer success and build better customer relationships using a personal approach when communicating with your leads & customers. Tropical will make it easy to reach the right people, with the right content, along with a personal touch.

Why Tropical?

Because we are awesome at understanding customers.
And we have done it millions times.

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