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FreshBooks is a cloud-based accounting solution designed for small business owners. FreshBooks helps service-based small business owners manage their time and expenses, send branded invoices, and collect online payments by credit card, PayPal, or eCheck. Save time, impress your clients, work anywhere and get paid faster.

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Supported Data

User information

  • Email Address
  • First Name
  • Last Name


  • Amount
  • Date
  • Discount
  • Folder
  • Status


  • Amount
  • Date
  • Discount
  • Status


  • OAuth

Learn how to connect your Freshbooks account to Tropical.

Real life scenarios

Estimate Status

Get all contacts with an estimate status set to "Approved".

Count of Estimate

Get all contacts with more than 1 open estimate.

Estimate Amount

Get all contacts with an open estimate of $1,000 or more.

Invoice Date

Get all contacts with an invoice created within the last 15 days.

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