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Help Scout is simple help desk software empowering small businesses to deliver personalized customer service at scale.

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Supported Data

User information

  • Email Address
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Phone


  • BCC
  • CC
  • Closed At
  • Closed By: Email
  • Closed By: First Name
  • Closed By: Last Name
  • Closed By: Phone
  • Created At
  • Created By: Email
  • Created By: First Name
  • Created By: Last Name
  • Created By: Phone
  • Creation Method
  • Creation Method From
  • Is a Draft
  • Mailbox Name
  • Modified At
  • Number
  • Owner: Email
  • Owner: First Name
  • Owner: Last Name
  • Owner: Phone
  • Status
  • Subject
  • Tags
  • Thread Count
  • Type


  • OAuth

Learn how to connect your Help Scout account to Tropical.

Real life scenarios

Thread Count

Get all contacts who have an "active" conversation and with more than 2 thread.

Modified At

Get all contacts where the Modified At date of a conversation is within the last 7 days.

Is a Draft

Get all contacts who have a draft conversation.


Get all contacts with a conversation that contains "pricing" in the subject.


Get all contacts with a conversation tagged with "customer".

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