4 Ways To Know Everything About Your Customers

Know your customers

In my day to day life, I am constantly trying to improve upon the quality of the customer data we receive from inbound and outbound leads. It is important to do so because it helps me target the right customers and to talk to them based on what they really like and need.

In every business, useful customer data is falling through the cracks and businesses are losing crucial insights on how to improve their business and increase their sales.

In the last few weeks, I discovered a few tricks that help me better understand my customers and I would love to share them with you!

1- Gather Data In One Place

At Sharegate, we use no less than 8 apps to run our day to day operation. Marketing uses Mailchimp for email marketing, Unbounce for landing pages, and a CMS to manage online forms. Sales uses Help Scout for communication with leads and customers, a CRM for relationship management and Freshbooks for invoicing and quotes. And for helpdesk, we use Uservoice. We are also tracking in-app behaviors using Intercom.

The entire team is not using all those apps everyday. Marketing doesn’t work in Freshbooks. Sales doesn’t look at all the support created at the end of each day.

Can you imagine how much insights are lost between the cracks?

First, you need to empower your entire team with a single customer profile. Then your whole team must use it to personalize their interactions with customers, to contact customers at the right time and to find new buying patterns based on behavior.

I like the quote of my teammate of this one: One app to rule them all!

2- Use Your Front Line to Gather Customer Data

You absolutely must train everyone who could have interactions with your leads and customers, such as your sales team, helpdesk or social media specialist, to save all the data they can get.

Most people might not see any value in doing this in the short run. However, the more data you have about your leads, the more precise your insights will be in the long run.

Your front line can enrich each customer profile by scraping their email signature, feature request, what they are trying to accomplish and why they have chosen your business.

Make sure your team works for the long run and collects as much data they can get.

3- Ask For It

In the big corporate world, this is almost never done. I discovered it by working in startups where most of customers are more than willing to provide feedback and discuss their needs with the company.

I believe it is simply because startups ask for it. Since they don’t have billions of customers, it is important that they don’t wait for feedback to arrive by itself.

When I’m searching for the next provider integration we will work on at Tropical, I always sign up incognito to a different CRM, email marketing platform or helpdesk. This gives me the opportunity to learn how other business, just like mine, are onboarding new users and are asking for feedback.

Believe me, all of them do it!

Try the same pattern and do a trial of Adobe Photoshop. You’ll see that nobody at Adobe will ever ask you feedback.

Ask your leads what they are looking for. Don’t be afraid to ask your leads where they found you. This kind of insight can be very useful for your marketing, your sales, the product manager and even your helpdesk.

4- Behavior Speaks

Behavior speaks for itself.

If a customer visits your online store and looks at three different beard trimmers, then leaves and comes back on your site to check out the details of a beard trimmer he looked at the other day, then you can conclude this GUY (remember, customer data ;-) is looking for beard trimmers.

If you are tracking behavior from your visitors, this is the kind of behavior that raises flags to your marketing and sales team.

In the long term, you’ll notice that these actions, when constantly repeated by your leads and customers, can be used to score your leads and adapt your website/process in order to reduce friction.

If you keep your eyes open and your entire team is committed to improving the quantity (and for sure, the quality!) of your data, it should be easy to put into place little changes within your organization like these four steps I just outlined for you. It can be as simple as asking your customer support to always fill up the contact information of a customers in your CRM.

Also, make sure you centralize all the customer data all in one place and empower your entire team with the ability to perform queries on it.

About Jean-Luc Brisebois

I'm the co-founder of Tropical. I'm passionate about startups, growth, metrics, business, corporate culture, wine and I drink a lot of coffee.
  • http://unbounce.com Tia Kelly

    Thanks for the Unbounce shoutout Jean-Luc :) Interesting to hear about all the apps your team uses. Did you test quite a few out before settling on one for each function, or did you just pick one and stick to it?

    • Jean-Luc Brisebois

      Thanks for stopping by!

      Yeah, we usually try them before to make sure they fit our needs but most of the time they are the “Best-of-Breed” in their field so the decision is quite easy.