5 Incredible Opportunities Often Missed by SaaS and eCommerce


There are a lot of opportunities that present themselves to startups. A lot. And they add up, every single day.

By definition, startups don’t have the manpower or the money to capitalize on every opportunity that crosses their way so often they have to prioritize or, even worse, make a choice! Some opportunities are going to pass by. It’s hard, but it’s necessary, unless you have 36 hours in a day! If that is the case, please share below, I need to know your trick!

If you are a normal human being without time bending capabilities, you need to focus on tasks that bring the most value. What if I told you that you can leverage the work that you are already doing as wonderful opportunities to get to know your customer? And you know what happens when you know your customer? Not only are you able to sell yourself or your products effectively but you will probably get important insight on how to make your product more relevant.

Hitting two bird with a stone! I like!

1. Leads That Read & Clicks On Your Newsletter = Effective Conversation Icebreaker

When you want to contact a lead, do you check to see if he or she ever opened or clicked on your newsletter? It’s a great indicator of their interests. It will give you a nice heads up on how to start your conversation. It allows you be relevant, which increases the chances of starting a meaningful conversation (for you and for them)!

2. Leads That Contact Support = Incredible Closing Opportunities

Your support team should always be aware of this! They should work closely with your sales and marketing teams to gather information about your customers. Support is the first contact line and they have what every marketer would kill for: a captive audience. The prospect that takes time to write a support request is often well committed to trying your product. Don’t miss the opportunity to ask them what they are looking for. With this information you’ll be able to determine how to close them.

3. Leads That Request a Quote = Insanely Easy Money

You will probably laugh while reading this one. What an obvious statement! You’d be surprised how many startups stop following quotes requests. They encounter traction, and they find their time eaten up with requests. With marketing automation, they start to think that all the sales will get done by themselves- including quote follow-ups. Make sure that you get an answer from every lead that asked for a quote, even if it’s negative. I can guarantee that you’ll learn something valuable.

4. Leads That Attend Your Webinar = Invaluable Learning Opportunity

Earlier, I was talking about the importance of having a captive audience. Want to know another place where you get a captive audience and a chance to enter a one-on-one conversation with your leads? Your webinar! Your webinar host must be aware of this and take good notes concerning the questions asked by the attendee. It will be useful when contacting this specific lead. Or better, maybe you’ll learn something about your software. Product development is an essential part of growth hacking. Don’t let this opportunity slip away!

5. Knowing Your Users Behaviour = Powerful Tool to Peak Your Renewal Rates

There are lots of apps that allow you to monitor the behaviour of your customers directly inside your own app. At Tropical we love Intercom. You can learn a lot from this. How many times does your customer sign in weekly? Is your new feature really being used? You can get smart insight on your app usage in order to provide useful benefits. Why? You want your customers to stick with you, right? Repeat business is the key!

What’s next?

All the information you gather will help you draw conclusions about your audience. It will be helpful when you finally define your personas. With these 5 simple tricks, you will learn a lot about your customers and your business:

  1. Engage your customers by leveraging their interests
  2. Close your hot leads with the help of your support team
  3. Stop leaving money on the table by following estimate requests
  4. Use your captive audience to get useful insights about your software
  5. Make your renewal rate peak by monitoring your users behaviour

I am curious, what steps are you currently taking to gather information on your customers while also getting work done?

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