Blogging Is Dead

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“Blogging is dead”

Last week, I started a meeting with my team using this controversial statement.

It was a meeting to formalize that we were not blogging anymore, but doing content marketing.

At first, it may sound like the same thing, but it is not. Blogging and content marketing are different in purpose and perception.

For a couple of years, we have been releasing great and popular pieces of content regularly and we’ve become the leader in our field. We started with the objective of writing one new article per weekday.

And here was the problem: we were blogging everyday.

Blogging vs Content Marketing

The purposes are different! Blogging is meant to bring content to your audience while content marketing is about bringing value to your audience.

Blogging is meant to bring content to your audience while content marketing is about bringing value to your audience.

If your company is blogging, you are probably filling the blanks in your editorial calendar like we used to do: with any kind of lower pertinence article. If you stop blogging and do content marketing, your goal will be to provide phenomenal content that bring value into your industry. You will begin to ask the elementary question: “Will this bring value to my audience?” With content marketing, you’ll only continue if the answer is YES.

Since we wanted to blog everyday, we published content that was only so-so because it was 5pm and we had yet to publish something. So we rushed things and published items that were less relevant.

Blogging is Only a Section of Your Website

Blogging is limited to one section of your website: your blog!

With content marketing, all the content you provide matters and it will start with your whole website. In a content marketing strategy, there is time to optimize the content of your homepage, to add new benefits to your “tour” page or to reshoot an onboarding video.

In the end, my recent meeting was about letting my team know that content marketing was larger than only pushing new content on our blog everyday and that if we wanted to take a step further and to WOW our audience, that we had to make sure all the content the brand was exposing was more than excellent.

The Perception of Others

In our SEO strategy, we want natural link-building. We want to build great content for other websites and that it’s not some kind of over optimized SEO article. When you are recognized as the leader in your field and you are asking Website123 if they would like your team to write a great piece of content for them, they will most likely say “Absolutely!”


Because they know that you will write a great article for them without being pushy Your goal is to create value for THEIR audience.

So, Is Blogging Really Dead?

Yes and no. If you think in terms of filling your blog with as much content as possible, then yes it’s dead. If your goal is to use blogging to create value for your audience, then live long and strong!

If your company is lucky enough to have a dedicated person for creating content, make sure he or she doesn’t write only on your blog. The entire company must be committed to providing exceptional value to your audience.

For us, blogging is dead. We are fully committed to creating the most valuable content available in our field. Blogging is now only a tool to publish content and not the whole strategy. Welcome, content marketing!

Your Story

I’d like to hear your story! Are you blogging or doing content marketing? Is everything you do to bring value to your audience? What are your strengths and where you need some improvement?

About Jean-Luc Brisebois

I'm the co-founder of Tropical. I'm passionate about startups, growth, metrics, business, corporate culture, wine and I drink a lot of coffee.
  • Anderson Criativo

    Interesting article. Another great post would be something like:”Branded content is dead”. Content marketing is all about customer-centric content, not about brands talking about themselves.

    • Jean-Luc Brisebois

      Hey Anderson, thanks for stopping by!

      You are right! However, I believe it is okay to talk about themselves if they have a story to tell that will bring value to their audience..

  • Luis Garcia de la Fuente

    Ins´t it just a matter of words!? blogging can be content marketing and some content marketing actions are based on blog posts. Blogging is PART of a content marketing strategy.

  • Manoj Ranaweera

    Hi Jean-Luc, makes a lot of sense of questioning the value of blog posts, and how it could adopted beyond the blog. In the past, I’ve published some of my blog posts elsewhere, but never really looked at from the angle you are discussing here. Thanks for getting the conversation flowing.